Hello there!

I'm Bridget Wu

I’m a UX/UI Designer based in New York, NY. I’m originally from California and will always consider myself a West Coaster living in the East Coast. My goal as a designer is to fuse creativity with analytical thinking to deliver intuitive solutions for all users.

Picture of the Floralis Generica in Buenos Aires.

My Career so far

I have a fashion design and production background and experience in implementing user-centered design and design thinking. I'm an expert in balancing the needs of my users, the visual creativity of a brand, and the practical logistics of a business. I'm also skilled in various design tools, performing different roles, using clear communication, and collaborating across multiple teams to meet deadlines.

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UX Design
UI Design
User Reseach
Usability Testing
Picture of skiing in Interlaken, Switzerland.Machu PicchuMacchu PichuCamels in Dubai.Medals from the 2015 New York City Marathon.Hiking in Tanzania.Rappelling in Mallora.Rubber duck sculptures in Marrakesh, Morocco. Suring in Costa Rica. Polo lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Boat sculpture in Reykjavik, Iceland.Elephant encounter during safari ride.

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